Thursday, March 15, 2012

1 Cor 11
Paul writing to the Corinthian Church
The first half of this chapter deals with the right way to worship in church. Men should not have their head covered nor should they have long hair. Women on the hand should have their hair covered and should have long hair. Paul writes that for a man to have long hair or for women to have short hair it is a disgrace . These directions specifically deal with Paul.s time.At that time in history it was only the immoral women who had short or shorn hair and Paul is anxious that the church's testimony should not be tarnished by inappropriate behaviour. Like wise at the time men uncovered their heads in worship in respect of the Diety that they followed. For us in the 21st century this passage really speaks about our wise and respectful use of our freedom that we have in Christ, being aware of the world around us and not willing flaunting our freedom .
The second half of this chapter deals with the institution of the Lords supper. Paul outlines the form it should take, then sternly warns of the consequences of not taking the Lords Supper seriously.
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