Friday, May 25, 2007

Film and The Christian

Do you like going to the movies? There nothing really like sitting in a darkened theatre, fragrant popcorn in hand, that sense of expectation that you are about to enter into another world, into someone else’s stories. However movies today seem to be increasing vile and depraved, full of violence and sexual immorality, language and all sort’s of foul behavior. How are we to respond to this? Should we walk away? Just boycott the entire industry? Should we picket movie theatres protesting loudly? I don’t believe that this is what we should do. Hollywood is a major influence on the world’s culture and, if Christians walk away from Hollywood, it is only going to get worse. We need to make sure that decent films are well supported at the box office for above all else the movie industry is about making money, if decent family films make money, then more decent family films will be made. That is why the story behind Walden Media the producers of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe is so exciting.
Founded by Cary Granat, the producer of films such as Scream and Scary Movie, Walden Media found its Genesis when Granat, in a road to Damascus moment discovered his terrified 2 year old daughter watching the dailies from Scream. While Walden Media is funded by billionaire businessman and Christian conservative Philip Anschutz, it must be stated that they are not a "Christian" film maker however Walden’s signature strategy of high-quality adaptations of kids literature classics supported with aggressive, education-focused grassroots marketing deserves our support. Walden are not very keen on fart jokes, dirty words, and cynicism. They are determined to make positive family friendly movies, movies that evoke wonder and fantasy, engaging the imaginations of children. That alone makes it a company worth supporting,
There are numerous resources available to Christians, who wish to go to the movies. One of the best is a ministry of Focus on the Family on this site you can find christens reviews of the latest movies and DVD’s other Christian movie review sites include &

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

1 in 7000 Letters from the Philippines

Pt one the people
The first and almost overwhelming impression that I had on exiting the terminal at Cebu City was one of business, of life flowing through streets of the city like life blood rushes through the veins in your body, the senc is due in very large part to the people of the Philppines. I am told that fully 50% of the population of the Philippines is under 15 years old and looking around I can easily belive it youth and its abounding energy is everywhere. The oldest person I have met Ps Rod is 52 everyone else is between 15 and 30.the Philippino poeple live on the streets and every streets is full of people cooking playing motor cycles rickshaws scooters it is like a festival every night it is chaotic but full of life. The people here are also very industrious making their house out of whatever they can lay their hands on , So their house are an amazing mix of bricks and concrete, thatched & tins rooves, woven walls, bamboo walls. The houses are jumbling rambling affairs almost built on top of each other crammed together with very little room between them. They are almost organic as if the house have grown out the ground into all sorts of fantastic shapes like like twisted and gnarled trees in an ancient forest. The people make a living, in the cities at least, by selling almost every of imaginable products out front of their homes, in little home made street stalls. phonecards coke, dried coconut firewood all sorts of interesting looking breads and meats. Whereas in the country people scratch out out a living on small plots barely big enough to support themselves let alone have enough to sell . It is truly an amazing country.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I have decided to relaunch jubberish, although given that i am most probbaly the slackest blogger in the netverse no none will care however if perchance someone happens to read this then bless you for perseverence or for actually stopping by.