Tuesday, May 02, 2006

G'day and welcome to Jubberish. While I sincerely doubt that many people will read this, I feel obliged to at least outline for the hypothetical reader what Jubberish is all about. It really is about anything that takes my fancy it might be a book I have read issues in the news a movie that I have seen, music I have listened to, as I said anything at all. These reflections will be from what I describe as an orthodox Christian perspective, but I will put the disclaimer that any errors are the result of deficiency in the Author and should not be taken as doctrine from any Church. In the next day or two (it could be up to a week) I hope to post a reflection on Christians and the enviroment which has been inspired by a book by Francis Schaffer " Pollution and the Death of Man: A Christian Perspective on Ecology" This book was published in the 1970's but is still highly relevent today. Anyway that's enough rambling for today. And so to the hypothetical reader blessings and I will post again soon.